Things i never knew:

  • Wyoming has hight! Right now we are over 7000 feet above sea level. 
  • The winds here are no joke. 50+ mph wind, wtf!
  • It’s pretty as fuck, and apparently I’m really into rock structures. Add this to my fascination with extreme weather and I’m thinking i really should have take more interest in geology during college. 
  • I can drive thru most states in a day. My max drive time seems to hover around 5 hours. I wonder what i need to do to push this further.
  • Take me out to nature and i will sit in a gorgeous house and use its wifi. Seriously, we’re both inside soaking up the satellite dish and the free wifi. Maybe i can blame the attitude for this one. 
  • Airbnb is weird and cool. Our last place was nice and relaxing. This place is nice but I’m afraid to make noise or do anything. It could be my shy awkward self or the fact the owner is really stand offish.
  • April is a big time for storms along the i80. Winter never wants to let go gracefully. 
  • I miss my friend. Yes, just one. Lol. I hung out with her more when i knew i was leaving than i did when we were both closer and now i miss her. 
  • Driving is fucking tiring. I’m so done by the end of it i don’t read our wtite like i really want to. Maybe it’s all the junk food, bc that’s what i turn to when I’m stressed. 

More to come as we slowly make our way to the west coast! 

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