Falling into place or falling into pieces? 

I have 1 interview set up today. There is another one potentially in the near future, he has to get back to be on a time. My fiancé got a job yesterday. B dubs! Not a lot of money, but I’m hoping they see how much he’s worth and show him with money. I’m still filling out apps like crazy. 

We don’t yet have a place to stay, but it’s hard to be negative after the bounce. Gotta wait until the manic calms down before i can properly judge the situation. 

I’ve not yet started writing, tho i have been reading. It’s hard to turn off the research. There are a lot of books about short story erotic fiction being a big seller on amazon. I’ve read a couple of the stories and so far i don’t like them. The feminist voice in my head constantly complains, but maybe forced sex just isn’t my thing. Who’d have thunk? Rough sex, awesome. Taboo sex, fine. Consensual sex, where it all needs to start. The whole rough rape but it turns out she likes it thing is where i have problems. 

I’ll try and write some later today, after my interview. 

I hope you’re all doing well in whatever you’re doing. 


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