Is it really working? 

I have a working interview tomorrow, fiancé’s got a job, and we have a potential place to stay.

 Can I get excited?

 Can I get my hopes up? 

Should I chill? 

Yea, yes. Yes i really should chill. I’m still striving to find the balance. I’ve always had this odd thing were i think if i get too excited about something it’ll jinx it. It’s not a job i want but it’s a job i need and it’s better than the first job that i never wanted. 

It’s a start and right now a start is what we need. Would it be better if we had a van? Yea it really would but hopefully we can get one within a year. Because seriously fuck rent. I want to be that hippie, who loves supports and believes in science, down by the river. 

Xoxo loves

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