Questions, questions, questions 

How do you get into the baking/pastry world with little to no experience? 

How do you afford an apartment without roommates in Portland?

Why don’t they raise the min wage because shit is expensive here? 

Why can’t laundry fold itself? 

Why is it so hard to give yourself a massage? My neck is killing me. 

Why didn’t i get a bigger car?  #vandwellers 

What would really happen if i stopped paying my bills? 

Can i live under a bridge and charge people to rub my stomach for good luck? #reallifetrolldoll 

Why is it hard for people to understand if you’re not black why are you using the word n!gg@ or even worst n!gg3r? They truly seemed dumbfounded as to why that’s not okk? Even trying to bring up, well they can call me a cracker doesn’t bother me?! Really? That doesn’t bother you? Oh wow you’re so enlightened! #whiteprivilege just bc you smoke weed and don’t believe in science does not make you cool. Being color blind does not erase rasism from the world. You lazy, step up your game bitch. 

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