So I’ve been up for about 2-3 hours and the excitement and motivation are starting to kick in again. I have an interview at 11 with a world renowned bakery in Portland…eek. I’m hoping I get it even though the hours will suck, 9pm to 5am). I typically have insomnia more often than not and I have a hard time falling asleep during daylight hours so…. yea. But a bakery is a lot better than delivery. If only because I hate driving in Portland and would rather take public transit than to sit through endless, it seems, traffic jams. My fiancé, aka Kitty, has an interview today at a fairly large fish place. I hope he gets it and likes it. Buffalo WW was not a good place for him. He likes to cook, there you simply fry and toss. Plus working a 10 hour shift with one break is insane. If you were at a typical restaurant, working a 10 hour shift with one break is fine because there is stuff to do to keep you focused, ya know like cooking. It still can suck, but it sucks in a different way.

I’ve loved baking since I was young. My mom was the cook so I took up baking because it was the only thing I could beat there at! (i don’t have mother issues, you have mother issues) But it helps me focus and relaxes me and I know baking at a consumer level will be vastly different, and I may hate it, but I must try it first. The job I have now sucks. It’s like come in at 4, idk when youre leaving. Don’t talk (seriously), No music (can you trust a kitchen that doesn’t allow music?????), everything must be perfect (this is kinda standard), jump in the car and off you go! (honestly I just don’t want to drive in Portland traffic).

I passed my food handlers card thing. 35/36. Beat Kitty, ha! He got 75%. Now I must finish my coffee, figure out next months book, attempt to find a place to stay for next week ( maybe get money form kittys people to put toward rent bc we don’t have enough at the moment, eat something, go to the library to print off my food card, make my way to the bakery, impress the fuck out of them (once I learn their name), go eat again or for the first time, either come back to base or find out where his interview is. And apparently, relearn english grammar because my sentences need WORK! Anyway, gotta get as much done as possible while my mood is in the upright position.

XOXO lovely!


Have you ever started over? How’d that turn out? Got any motivation or inspiration for me?? Pretty Please?

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