Guess what…?

I’m homeless! And broke! Sliding down into poor!

Am I just trilled to be in this position? No, of course not. Am I responsible for this happening? Partly, the other half caused this as well. So now what? 

Now we hustle. Now we work. Now we sacrifice to make sure we don’t end up desperate. We are going to be staying at a homeless shelter and/or our car depending on how long they let us stay there. We’re applying for jobs like crazy. I’m back on my meds because now is not the time to potentially fall into a deep, dark, pit of suicidal depression. I don’t need to stay positive, but i do need to stay moving. This too can be an opportunity. To gather stories, to volunteer, to realize that I’ve had a pretty easy life. To write, to read more, to walk around more. To prove to myself that i can take care of myself. 

Homelessness is not the end. I’m no longer an addict, my mental shit is kinda taken care of, i have a way to pay my main bills even if i can’t get into an apartment. I will use this time to be creative in my problem solving because honestly I have no choice. Or rather my other option is just to let everything crumble and live on the streets. I hope it doesn’t come to that because idk if i could handle that. So here’s to nothing and here’s to everything, I’ll let you know how it all turns out. 

XOXO my lovelies, stay strong! 

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