To begin at the begining would take too long…

This is a documentation of me creating for me.

Who you are seems like a simple enough question, but it’s one that usually take years to fully answer or get comfortable with. Why is it so hard to answer? Maybe it’s because the “grown ups” of your life have tried to impose their own version of “you” on you. Maybe we can blame tv or magazines, peers or maybe it’s just the purpose of humans to go in search of themselves…whatever the cause, this is a portion of my journey. To start, a few things about me:

  • I’ve always loved the thought of being a gypsy, a nomad, a wonderer wandering through life
  • Currently 31
  • I love quotes, mainly because I often have a hard time selecting the right words
  • I love new things, simply because they are new (bright and shiny sydrome, this includes new material things, new people, and new experiences)
  • I’m extremely loyal, until you cross me…then I may forgive but I will always have the seed of doubt floating about
  • I like studying philosophy and religion, but I do not consider myself affiliated with any specific religion or philosophy
  • I have been diagnosed with BPD, and although I don’t really like the field of psychology their description of it does seem to fit quite nicely
  • As some of you can probably tell, I suck at grammar
  • I love to think, but am working on writing these thoughts down
  • Introverted, unless I know AND like you…then I am loud and chatty and weird and crazy
  • I like physics and math even, school on the other hand is a bothersome, tiresome thing
  • I love tea and books and will spend an extremely long time searching out just the right spot to read
  • I believe I make THE BEST pancakes and oatmeal cookies
  • I am Female
  • I love dogs more than children and will be more excited to for the dog than you if you both happen to arrive at the same time (Puppies!!)
  • I believe I have many stories trapped inside of me, and the attention span of a toddler on crack to write them on paper (or computer) with
  • I want to start a book club, a writing club, and a philosophy club with awesome people that I have yet to find
  • I LOVE to dance…mostly in my living room, alone….in my underwear…yea..
  • I love lifting weights and making green smoothies, though I put too much in them and the smoothies turn to be way to much for one person to handle..I’m working on portion control
  • I have boughten WAY TOO MANY books…lies you can never have too many
  • I write bad poems, sometimes…
  • I write bad philosophy,sometimes…
  • I believe, unless you are a prodigy, everything you do will be bad at first
  • I suck at math :/  (see above bullet)
  • My first impression is usually right, not sure if it’s a self fulling wish of sorts or if I’m just that good at reading people but it is what it is
  • I also have PCOS, losing weight is hard :/
  • I think you’re awesome…I think everyone is awesome the first time I meet them..I trust quickly but it takes forever to forget.
  • Anything else, just ask… 🙂

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