Slowly, slowly

Quick things, 

  1. I got 2 interviews, wish me luck
  2. My other half got a job, yay! 
  3. The airbnb we’re staying in sucks.  His people got freaked out at the prospect of him staying in a homeless shelter so they gave him some money to get out. 

Slowly things are looking up. 


At the bottom of the valley 

Finding a job is hard. Right now, i regret not completing any of my post secondary ventures. 3 months of my life and i could be looking for massage jobs. 2 years of my life and i could have been a college graduate. At present all i have is fond memories and debt. It’s time for a change. Off to edx or coursera or any of the learn online sites. I need skills. I need them fast, but I’ll have to accept the speed at which i learn. In a way i wasted my 20s in a way i didn’t. I have to teach my self now since i have no money to hire someone. I’m attempting to ride out this depression and hopelessness with action. I can’t allow myself to fall into the pit of despair right now.